Assessment Map

By default, the software assumes that questions have the selected answer options (e.g. 4) and appeared in the same order on the pretest and posttest. The assessment map can override these settings.

An assessment map file is any four column CSV file with the following columns: Q (question number), Exam1 (where the question appeared on the pretest), Exam2 (where the question appeared on the posttest), and Options (number of answer options for a given question). The following table is an example assessment map where the questions appeared in the opposite order on posttest as they did on the pretest. The output files will be in pretest order as 'Q' and 'Exam1' are in the same order.

Note that alternative column names include 'question' and 'item' for 'Q', 'pretest' and 'pre-test' for 'Exam1', 'posttest' and 'post-test' for 'Exam2', and 'answers' and 'p' for 'Options'.

The 'Options' column supports non-whole numbers. This might be used if the probability of guessing has been determined empirically (e.g., 3PL with a nationally-normed exam). If the value in 'Options' is less than one, it will be converted to one over the value specified.

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